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Lincoln Wealth Protection Expertise helps advisors address the outcomes that matter most to clients.

Our research shows that now, more than ever, clients are concerned about the impact of taxes, long-term care expenses, longevity, market risk, and inflation on their financial future. And the data shows clients are looking to their financial advisors to provide guidance and solutions to manage these sources of risk. Read our surveys to learn more.


2016 Lincoln Long Term Care Awareness Study

This study was designed to understand attitudes and behaviors related to long-term care among those approaching or in retirement. The research was conducted from July-September 2016, across the United States among 500 adults between the ages of 40-70 with a household income of $150,000 or more and investable assets of $200,000 or more (ages 40-59), or a household income of $150,000 or more and investable assets of $300,000 or more (ages 60-70). Those surveyed were selected based on having at least some familiarity of long-term care.


The Longevity Opportunity: Planning for longer lives as a family (2015 Survey)

In this survey, Lincoln Financial Group and Hanover Research reveal advisor and consumer beliefs on a range of wealth protection topics, including planning for longer retirements. Read more.


Cost of Long-Term Care (2016 Survey)

An updated survey shows the costs of care continue to rise around the nation. This survey can help you identify the costs in your area. Read more.


Cost of Long-Term Care (2014 Survey)

Our recent survey shows you the costs of nursing home care, assisted living facilities and home health care in your area and around the nation. It can help you determine how the costs may impact you. Read more.


Managing Long-term Care Risk Survey (2014 Survey)

This survey of producers and consumers shows that even though nearly 7 in 10 individuals will need long-term care, many are much less likely to believe this risk will affect them or their family.


Tracking Advisor Sentiment on Wealth Protection Survey (2014 Survey)

This survey examines which issues producers feel are most important to address when protecting clients' wealth and the challenges they face in doing so.


Retirement Insights: The Importance of Tax Planning (2013 Survey)

In 2013, Lincoln Financial Group partnered with The Spectrem Group to understand how individuals plan and manage living expenses and taxes before and during retirement. One finding from the study is that pre-retirees continue to underestimate the impact of taxes in retirement.

Read a summary of our insights in this whitepager or take a look at our infographic, which highlights key information from the whitepaper and the full survey report.


Cost of Long-Term Care (2013 Survey)

See our 2013 Cost of Long-Term Care data. 


Cost of Long-Term Care (2012 Survey)

See our 2012 Cost of Long-Term Care data.