Heather Deichler
06 March 2023

Reimbursement vs. Indemnity Long-Term Care policies: Avoiding a tax-season surprise

When considering reimbursement and indemnity policies, it’s important for consumers to know the potential surprises.

Kellie Szabo
28 November 2022

Don’t rely on luck for long-term care

Lincoln MoneyGuard Specialist Kellie Szabo shares her family's long-term care story to highlight why long-term care planning is important.

matt blog
08 September 2022

Life beyond death (benefits)

A blog post by Matt Grove exploring the living benefits of life insurance during Life Insurance Awareness Month 

Mother's Day Data
04 May 2021

Forty Percent of Adult Children Question If Mom Is Financially Prepared for the Future, Says New Lincoln Financial Group Data

Is Mom financially prepared for the future? New Lincoln Financial data says 40% of adult children aren't sure. Ask her five key questions to find out.

Money Lessons from Grandma

March Madness and Retirement
17 March 2021

Saving for Retirement Isn’t a Spectator Sport

Saving for retirement isn’t a lay-up, but savers can help make it a slam dunk by following a few tips.

Good Luck GP Story
10 March 2021

Consumers Need More than Good Luck to Protect Against the Unexpected

Voluntary benefits are important to consumers' financial wellness and to protect against the unexpected.


03 March 2021

Leading Retirement Firms Launch "Income America" With In-Plan Target Date Series And A Lifetime Income Guarantee

A consortium of leading retirement firms, including Lincoln Financial Group, plans to launch a new in-plan target date series with guaranteed income for life. Called “Income America 5ForLife,” this new Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) will help meet Americans' critical need to access more sustainable income in retirement.