18 June 2021

One Family, One Lincoln

In honor of Father's Day, a father-daughter duo shares their unique experience as Lincoln Financial coworkers.  

Grad Checklist
01 June 2021

Five Questions You Should Ask Before Accepting Your First Job Offer

Whether you’re looking for a starter position or aspiring to land your dream job, it’s important to find a company that is invested in your financial future.  

20 May 2021

Lincoln Financial Network Announces 2021 Board of Directors of The Resource Group

Lincoln Financial Network announces the election of the 2021 Board of Directors of The Resource Group, an invitation-only network of the top 200 financial planners within Lincoln Financial Advisors. 

Mother's Day Data
04 May 2021

Forty Percent of Adult Children Question If Mom Is Financially Prepared for the Future, Says New Lincoln Financial Group Data

Is Mom financially prepared for the future? New Lincoln Financial data says 40% of adult children aren't sure. Ask her five key questions to find out.

Money Lessons from Grandma

Kristine Black: Aiming for the Stars

22 March 2021

Don't Be a Fool This April 1: Celebrate '4/01(k) Day' Instead

Skip the pranks this April 1 and do something entirely different. Celebrate 4/01(k) Day instead by testing your knowledge on a few facts and myths about retirement, plus tap into a few tips to help set you up for a financial secure future.