Stafford Thompson_Actuarial Diversity
13 December 2021

Part 2: Diversifying the Actuarial Field

In part two of our interview with Stafford Thompson, Jr., focusing on diversifying the actuarial field, Stafford shares his thoughts on the progress being made and what companies can do to further the efforts, and provides career advice for Black actuaries.


Stafford Thompson_Actuarial Diversity
08 December 2021

Stafford Thompson, Jr. Shares His Thoughts on Diversifying the Actuarial Profession

Today there are more than 27,500 actuaries in the U.S, yet the Society of Actuaries estimates that less than three percent of its U.S members are Black. Stafford Thompson, Jr., senior vice president of Life and Executive Benefits Business Management for Lincoln Financial Group, shares his thoughts on diversifying the actuarial profession.