IT LPPs at Lincoln's Radnor office
01 December 2022

Lincoln Financial Group’s Early Career Development Program offers opportunities to cultivate critical skills in STEM fields

Lincoln Financial Group’s Lincoln Preparation Program (LPP) is a highly competitive two-year program designed to accelerate participants’ professional development and prepare them for increasingly complex roles within the company through advanced skill development projects and activities.

Lincoln’s Information Technology (IT) organization recently presented a first-of-its-kind opportunity to its LPP class: an Engineering Bootcamp Academy. Participants recently completed the immersive 10-week skill development program, designed specifically by subject matter experts within the organization to provide them with a strong foundation of core skills.

Kellie Szabo
28 November 2022

Don’t rely on luck for long-term care

Lincoln MoneyGuard Specialist Kellie Szabo shares her family's long-term care story to highlight why long-term care planning is important.

Nash Headshot
23 November 2022

LTC planning benefits clients and their families

Bill Nash, senior vice president and head of MoneyGuard distribution, shares his family's long-term care stories to highlight the importance of planning for long-term care events.

Ralph Ferraro, SVP, President of Retirement Plan Services

Jen Warne Named Chair of Advisory Board for Temple University’s Fox School of Business Center for Ethics, Diversity and Workplace Culture
24 October 2022

Lincoln Financial Group’s Chief People Officer Jen Warne discusses talent management strategies in insurance

Chief People Officer Jen Warne discusses talent management strategies in insurance on Deloitte Consulting podcast. 

The business case for benefits
29 September 2022

The business case for benefits

In today’s competitive hiring market, benefits offered at the workplace can play a key role in attracting and retaining employees, helping set businesses up for long-term success.

26 September 2022

Hispanic Heritage Month: Lincoln Financial’s Janelle Coluccio reflects on her roots  

Senior Consultant Janelle Coluccio shares her experience transitioning from the Dominican Republic to the US and the importance of embracing her heritage.

Volatility Blog
22 September 2022

Playing the long game is key to navigating market uncertainty

Jayson Bronchetti, Lincoln Financial's chief investment officer and head of Risk & Sustainability provides a reminder on the importance of remaining focused on the long-term and ensuring you have a financial strategy in place to help navigate inflation and volatility.

matt blog
08 September 2022

Life Beyond Death (Benefits)

A blog post by Matt Grove exploring the living benefits of life insurance during Life Insurance Awareness Month