Volatility Blog
22 September 2022

Playing the long game is key to navigating market uncertainty

Jayson Bronchetti, Lincoln Financial's chief investment officer and head of Risk & Sustainability provides a reminder on the importance of remaining focused on the long-term and ensuring you have a financial strategy in place to help navigate inflation and volatility.

new year
06 December 2021

Ring in the New Year with Three Simple Resolutions Designed to Strengthen a Financial Outlook

The New Year offers the perfect time for a fresh start and a renewed commitment to getting finances back on track after a season of spending. 

Hispanic Consumer Trends 2
28 September 2021

Hispanics Feel More Motivated When It Comes to Financial Planning, Says New Lincoln Financial Study

A new Lincoln Financial study says Hispanics feel more motivated about financial planning, but prioritize immediate expenses over longer-term goals.

Gold Medal Strategy
15 July 2021

Gold Medal Strategy: Does Your Financial Fitness Put You on the Podium?

New research from Lincoln Financial Group (NYSE:LNC) shows that one in four employed adults feel they are lagging behind in saving for retirement. Amid the increased need for advice and resources due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lincoln Financial offers advice for shaping up your savings. 

02 July 2021

LGBTQ+ Consumers Have High Retirement Savings Goals: Survey

Lincoln Financial conducted an online survey from Feb. 19 to March 18 with a total of 2,535 full-time workers: 2,030 retirement plan participants and 505 nonparticipants. Despite their enhanced focus on retirement planning, Lincoln Financial’s research found that LGBTQ+ consumers still have financial concerns.