new year
06 December 2021

Ring in the New Year with Three Simple Resolutions Designed to Strengthen a Financial Outlook

The New Year offers the perfect time for a fresh start and a renewed commitment to getting finances back on track after a season of spending. 

Hispanic Consumer Trends 2
28 September 2021

Hispanics Feel More Motivated When It Comes to Financial Planning, Says New Lincoln Financial Study

A new Lincoln Financial study says Hispanics feel more motivated about financial planning, but prioritize immediate expenses over longer-term goals.

Gold Medal Strategy
15 July 2021

Gold Medal Strategy: Does Your Financial Fitness Put You on the Podium?

New research from Lincoln Financial Group (NYSE:LNC) shows that one in four employed adults feel they are lagging behind in saving for retirement. Amid the increased need for advice and resources due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lincoln Financial offers advice for shaping up your savings. 

02 July 2021

LGBTQ+ Consumers Have High Retirement Savings Goals: Survey

Lincoln Financial conducted an online survey from Feb. 19 to March 18 with a total of 2,535 full-time workers: 2,030 retirement plan participants and 505 nonparticipants. Despite their enhanced focus on retirement planning, Lincoln Financial’s research found that LGBTQ+ consumers still have financial concerns. 

LGBTQ+ Consumers
28 June 2021

LGBTQ+ Consumers Aim High With Retirement Savings Goals, Says New Lincoln Financial Study

Lincoln Financial Group has released new research on how LGBTQ+ consumers are managing their personal finances and planning for retirement.

17 May 2021

Eight out of 10 Adults Say Financial Security Is Key to Achieving Life’s Goals, and Lincoln Financial Group’s New Advertising Celebrates Those Moments

Eight out of 10 adults say financial security is key to achieving life's goals, and Lincoln Financial's new ad campaign celebrates those moments.

Asian American consumer data tile
13 May 2021

Asian Americans Most Worried About Lost Income as a Result of COVID-19, Says New Lincoln Financial Study

Asian Americans are most concerned about lost income from COVID-19, says a new Lincoln Financial study. Three tips from Martin Fong to help finances.

Mother's Day Data
04 May 2021

Forty Percent of Adult Children Question If Mom Is Financially Prepared for the Future, Says New Lincoln Financial Group Data

Is Mom financially prepared for the future? New Lincoln Financial data says 40% of adult children aren't sure. Ask her five key questions to find out.