18 February 2020
Investment News

Annuity sales hit record in 2019 thanks to new breed of VA

Variable annuities had their best sales year since 2008 last year, powered by enormous growth in the sales of registered indexed-linked annuities, or RILAs.

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05 February 2020
The i4cp Productivity Blog

Empowering Female Talent By Promoting Career Development

The goal of Lincoln Financial Group’s Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) practices is not to rack up accolades.  But it’s hard to ignore the number of notices Lincoln Financial has received for its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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30 January 2020
Philadelphia Gay News

Philly area companies receive top scores in HRC’s equality index

More and more corporate companies have been stepping up their LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion resources, making for healthier, happier work environments for employees, clients and consumers. 

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27 January 2020
HR Executive

Is it time for a culture check-up?

Organizations are increasingly recognizing that culture is far more than just a buzzword. It’s a critical component that must be measured and managed for the organization to succeed. 

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16 January 2020
Ft. Wayne Business Weekly

47% of Americans struggle with financial conversations, Lincoln National Corp. survey says

Nearly half the country struggles to discuss finances with loved ones despite the fact that 93% believe in the importance of planning for their financial future, according to a survey conducted for Lincoln National Corp.

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07 January 2020
Authority Magazine

“5 Things Retirees Say They Wish They Were Told Before They Began Retirement”, with Lincoln SVP Garry Spence

Eliminate debt: Make it a priority to pay off any outstanding debt (think car loans, credit cards, mortgage) before retirement, as there are enough fixed expenses (such as insurance, medical expenses, property taxes, etc.) that may make budgeting more difficult if you are also working on paying off debt. 

Read the full article here: https://medium.com/authority-magazine/5-things-retirees-say-they-wish-they-were-told-before-they-began-retirement-with-lincoln-svp-a0ccaa8ae1db

03 January 2020
News & Record

Serving the community

Volunteers from Lincoln Financial Network in Greensboro spent their time baking treats for families at the Ronald McDonald House of Winston-Salem on Nov. 2, as well as cooking dinner for families Nov. 9.

Read the article here: https://www.greensboro.com/life/serving-the-community/article_ae2b771d-4e9a-515b-b86b-774b9c733897.html 

31 December 2019
Advisor Magazine

Next-Gen Retirement

A lot has been written about Baby Boomers and retirement — and for good reason. Their generation is facing a retirement crisis and as an industry, we are working to help them retire with dignity and financial security. While we remain focused on this important work, we should also consider that as of 2016, Millennials are now the largest segment of the workforce, according to the Pew Research Center. 

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30 December 2019
Advisor Magazine

Go Ahead: Have The Conversation

Consumers who dread having financial conversations with loved ones are not alone. According to Lincoln Financial Group’s 2019 Financial Conversations study, 47% of Americans struggle to talk about long-term financial planning with loved ones—even though the majority (94%) understand the importance of these conversations. 

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30 November 2019
Advisor Magazine

Five Must-Have Client Conversations on the Missing Link

Approximately 37.5 million U.S. households currently have no life insurance coverage, and nearly half of all households are underinsured, putting them at risk of not being able replace their income and missing out on an extremely powerful asset that should be part of a well-rounded financial portfolio.1 Yet, it’s often the missing link that can make other planning strategies possible.

Read the article: https://www.lifehealth.com/five-must-client-conversations-missing-link/