08 April 2019
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Baby Boomers, Insufficiently Prepared for Retirement, Need Access to Advisers

The Insured Retirement Institute also found that financial advisers and individuals are not considering the effects of health care costs and long-term care in planning for retirement.


03 April 2019
Software Development (SD) Times

Century-old company prioritizes continuous testing

Companies in just about every industry are being disrupted by digital natives. To stay competitive, old companies must adapt, which can be a painful transformation. 

01 April 2019
Advisor Magazine

Easing Financial Stress with Employee Benefits

The cliché is that money doesn’t buy happiness, but it certainly can cause stress. More than half of Americans say that financial stress had a negative impact on their life in 2018. 

Read the article here: https://www.lifehealth.com/easing-financial-stress-employee-benefits/

31 March 2019

SAVE NOW: How to help meet your retirement income goals

It’s never too early to plan and now is a good time to understand the value of financial advice and how such investments as an annuity with guaranteed lifetime income can help to meet your retirement income needs.

29 March 2019
Digital Insurance Online

Lincoln Financial takes lab reports mobile

Life insurer Lincoln Financial has created a new mobile platform to give customers a faster and simpler experience to access lab results.

Read the full article:  https://www.dig-in.com/news/lincoln-financial-takes-lab-reports-mobile

28 March 2019
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Record sales yield new leading annuity issuers

The end of the annuity sales slump related to the fiduciary rule also resulted in new top issuers, as fixed and fixed-index products broke records in 2018.

26 March 2019
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4 Life-LTC Combo Product Ideas That Irk Steve Schoonveld

The Lincoln Financial executive corrected the record Monday, during an interview at the ILTCI Conference.

20 March 2019
Plan Adviser

Women Need Help Planning for Family Financial and Retirement Goals

Feeling less educated about retirement planning and personal financial planning than they should be is a barrier to the financial planning process, women say, according to a Lincoln Financial survey.

Read the full article here: https://www.planadviser.com/women-need-help-planning-family-financial-retirement-goals/

08 March 2019
Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly

Giving and getting it back: company volunteerism benefits everyone

Companies nowadays are expected to be more than just a name. They are expected to be active members of the communities and hold a role of service to their employees and neighbors.

27 February 2019
Think Advisor

Here Are Advisors’ Favorite Annuity Providers

Here Are Advisors’ Favorite Annuity Providers
Advisors looking at annuities are influenced by different factors when considering different product types, Cogent reports.

By: Michael S. Fischer

Annuity providers pitching their wares to financial advisors should customize their sales and marketing messages in a way that aligns with the specific benefits of different product types clients are looking for, according to a new report from Annuity Brandscape, a Cogent Reports study released Wednesday by Market Strategies International-Morpace.

“Firms looking to bolster advisor interest should work to target the right benefits to the right people at the right time,” Meredith Lloyd Rice, vice president at Market Strategies-Morpace and the report’s author, said in a statement. “Building strong advisor engagement, through wholesaler and digital interactions, is critical to developing this understanding.”

The study was based on an online survey Cogent conducted online in October and November, involving 712 advisors.

Seventy-six percent of advisors in the study said the ability to generate guaranteed income in retirement was their chief reason for selling annuities to their clients.

However, advisors were influenced by different factors when considering different product types.

Advisors said offering clients the best retirement income products was the most important consideration driver for variable annuities, while guaranteed rates and product simplicity were the key areas to convey for fixed and indexed annuities.

According to the study, advisors who want to invest client assets in annuities ranked Jackson National, Lincoln Financial and Pacific Life among the top five providers across variable, indexed and fixed annuities.

Following are the top five annuity providers in consideration by product type:

Variable Annuity

1. Jackson National

2. Lincoln Financial Group

3. Prudential Financial

4. Nationwide Financial

5. Pacific Life

Fixed Annuity

1. Lincoln Financial Group

2. Pacific Life

3. Brighthouse Financial

4. Jackson National

5. Nationwide Financial

Indexed Annuity

1. Lincoln Financial Group

2. Allianz Life

3. Pacific Life

4. Jackson National

5. AIG

Republished with the permission of ALM Media. Originally published on 2/27/19. The views expressed in the enclosed article are those of the author only and not necessarily those of any Lincoln Financial Group® affiliate.

Neither the information, nor any opinion expressed herein, shall be construed as a recommendation to buy, or as an offer to sell, any security or insurance product. Certain products may include market risk including possible loss of principal. Lincoln Financial Group is the marketing name of Lincoln National Corporation and its affiliates including The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, Fort Wayne, IN, Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York, Syracuse, NY, and broker-dealer Lincoln Financial Distributors, Inc., Radnor, PA.

Variable annuities are long-term investment products designed for retirement purposes and are subject to market fluctuation, investment risk, and possible loss of principal. Variable annuities contain both investment and insurance components and have fees and charges, including mortality and expense, administrative, and advisory fees. Optional features are available for an additional charge.

Variable products are sold