08 May 2019
Insurance News Net

Survey: Moms Want A 401(k) Account Contribution for Mother’s Day

Not sure what to get Mom this Mother’s Day? Instead of the usual chocolate, flowers or jewelry, Lincoln Financial Group’s Love and Responsibility Survey found the gift that over half of all moms would prefer most is a contribution to their retirement account.

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06 May 2019
Los Angeles Business Journal

How to Gain a Competitive Edge

Lincoln Financial Group has shared three financial planning tips for small business owners to help them gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

03 May 2019
SD Times Online

Automating tests when change is the norm

Continuous testing requires automated testing to help speed the CI/CD process. The trick is to constantly expedite the delivery of code in an era when software change is not only a constant, but a constant that continues to occur at an ever-accelerating rate.

03 May 2019
SD Times Online

Continuous testing at every step

Continuous integration (CI), continuous testing (CT) and continuous delivery (CD) should go hand-in-hand, but CT is still missing from the CI/CD workflow in most organizations. As a result, software teams eventually reach an impasse when they attempt to accelerate release cycles further with CI/CD. What they need to get to from both a mindset and process standpoint is a continuous, end-to-end workflow that includes CT.

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03 May 2019
Philadelphia Business Journal

Lincoln Financial exec: What I learned from climbing Kilimanjaro

Lincoln Financial's Tim Seifert shares lessons he learned while summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro – lessons that can also help you navigate the corporate ladder and your professional life, along with any personal milestone you set out to achieve.

Read the full article: https://www.bizjournals.com/philadelphia/news/2019/05/02/lincoln-financial-exec-seifert-kilimanjaro.html

02 May 2019

Sharing Employee Health Data At The Health Transformation Alliance

Many employers want to find ways to make it less expensive, and also to improve the quality of care and health of employees. In pursuit of these objectives, fifty large companies—from American Express to Weyerhauser—joined together in 2016 to create the Health Transformation Alliance (HTA)

30 April 2019

We Can Do More for Near Retirees

April has been a big month for the financial planning and advice industry, with both Financial Literacy Awareness Month and National Retirement Planning Week taking place and being recognized throughout the industry.

Read the full article: https://www.thinkadvisor.com/2019/04/30/we-can-do-more-for-near-retirees/

29 April 2019
Advisor Magazine

Giving Savers the Confidence to Retire

Retiring – it’s something that all of us hope to be able to do someday – but that not many people feel confident about.

Read the article: https://www.lifehealth.com/giving-savers-confidence-retire/

19 April 2019
Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly Online

Lincoln launches Consumer Retirement Index

Lincoln National Corp. launched its Consumer Retirement Index earlier this month, and its initial findings were less than encouraging when it came to the nation’s retirement preparations.

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11 April 2019

How to save money in your 30s

Reality sets in when you’re in your 30s.

Read the article here: https://www.bankrate.com/banking/savings/how-to-save-money-in-your-30s/