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14 January 2021
Digital Insurance

Lincoln Financial CIO on post-COVID, remote work plans, Agile

Digital Insurance shared this excerpt of a CIO profile from Novarica on Ken Solon, chief information officer and head of digital at Lincoln Financial Group, where he discusses digital transformation and meeting customer needs this year and beyond.

Holiday Gift
24 December 2020
Advisor Magazine

'Tis the Season for Retirement Account Contributions

09 December 2020
HR Dive

Executives of the Year: People + Work Connect's co-founders

In just 14 business days, four HR executives from four companies founded a platform to tackle COVID-19-induced job displacement.

07 December 2020
Yahoo Finance

Over Half of Americans Don't Want Material Gifts This Holiday Season

Americans' holiday wish lists are looking a little different this year. Gift-givers and receivers alike are gravitating towards intangible wishes and doing away with material gifts, according to new research.

Sharon Scanlon
03 December 2020

3 Things All 401(k) Plan Sponsors Share No Matter The Size Of The Firm

You may think your plan is too big (or too small) to share the same concerns with smaller (or larger) plans. It turns out, however, there’s a lot in common between really large and really little 401(k) plans.

25 November 2020

IRA vs. 401(k): The Case for Having Both

Do you need an IRA instead of — or in addition to — your 401(k)? Which is better? How should you choose? Here's what to know. 


18 November 2020
Life Annuity Specialist

Lincoln lands the top spot for 3Q sales of its indexed variable annuity, Lincoln Level Advantage

Industry publication Life Annuity Specialist recently shared third quarter annuity sales released by Secure Retirement Institute, showing Lincoln Financial's top sales position for its indexed variable annuity, Lincoln Level Advantage. 

16 November 2020

How to Start Budgeting Now for 2021

For consumers who want to rethink their budget for 2021 - or create a budget for the first time - it's definitely not too early to do it. 

Financial Conversations
13 November 2020

How to Navigate Uncomfortable Money Matters with Your Family

The coronavirus pandemic may be putting you in some uncomfortable financial situations with your family, but there is no better time to address it head on than now. 

Aaron Moore
12 November 2020

Teaching Employees About Taxes in Retirement

Understanding how taxation works can help with making the right savings decision and establishing the right distribution strategy.