08 August 2013

Lincoln Financial Group (NYSE:LNC)’s Retirement Plan Services today announced it has been selected by OneBlood as the provider for its employer-sponsored retirement plan programs (401(a) and 403(b)). OneBlood is a non-profit organization that supplies blood to more than 200 hospitals and health care facilities in 72 counties throughout Florida and southern Georgia and Alabama. OneBlood’s retirement plan serves nearly 3,000 participants.

"We are committed to helping our employees achieve retirement readiness," said Therese Shehan, Senior Vice President of Human Resources for OneBlood. "With Lincoln’s long-standing experience in the healthcare industry and their expertise in handling multiple plan types, we feel well-prepared to provide a comprehensive retirement plan program that meets the retirement savings needs of our participants."

Lincoln Financial’s offering to OneBlood includes participant education resources designed to proactively help plan participants with all aspects of retirement planning. This includes a combination of custom communications content, products, services, and one-on-one education support delivered online, by phone and in person through Lincoln Retirement Consultants.

"We are honored that OneBlood chose Lincoln as a retirement plan partner," said Chuck Cornelio, President, Retirement Plan Services, Lincoln Financial Group. "Lincoln is committed to offering an optimistic approach to helping OneBlood’s employees boost their savings and help them get to and through retirement."

Lincoln Financial’s Retirement Plan Services business serves approximately 1.4 million participants and 23,000 plan sponsors as of June 30, 2013.

About OneBlood

On January 27, 2012 three of Florida’s independent, not-for-profit blood centers, Community Blood Centers of Florida, Inc. (CBCF), Florida’s Blood Centers, Inc. (FBC) and Florida Blood Services, Inc. (FBS) came together in a merger of equals and OneBlood, Inc. was established. OneBlood is an innovative, forward-thinking blood center that leads the industry in providing safe, available and affordable blood to hospital partners and their patients. The service area of OneBlood includes the Tampa Bay area, South and Southeast Florida, the Orlando-metro area and surrounding Central Florida counties, parts of Southwest Florida, Pensacola and Tallahassee and some parts of Southern Georgia and Alabama. OneBlood currently serves more than 200 hospitals and health care facilities.

About Lincoln Financial Group

Lincoln Financial Group is the marketing name for Lincoln National Corporation (NYSE:LNC) and its affiliates. With headquarters in the Philadelphia region, the companies of Lincoln Financial Group had assets under management of $189 billion as of June 30, 2013. Through its affiliated companies, Lincoln Financial Group offers: annuities; life, group life, disability and dental insurance; employer-sponsored retirement plans; savings plans; and comprehensive financial planning and advisory services. For more information, including a copy of our most recent SEC reports containing our balance sheets, please visit www.lincolnfinancial.com


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