Lincoln Tool Used To Help Customize Retirement Income Plans
12 November 2014

RADNOR, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Lincoln Financial Group (NYSE:LNC) today announced enhancements to its deferred income annuity (DIA), Lincoln Deferred Income SolutionsSM Annuity, that help advisors prepare their clients for the opportunities and uncertainties that often come with living longer. The updates, which include flexible premium options and a shorter minimum deferral period, are designed to help advisors reach a broader client base with a highly-customizable source of future guaranteed lifetime income.

The flexible premium Lincoln Deferred Income Solutions Annuity offers clients the choice of spreading premiums over multiple years at any frequency. This can help clients increase their future income stream over time with systematic contributions as they approach retirement.

Lincoln Deferred Income Solutions Annuity now also allows clients to begin taking income as early as 13 months for those requiring income in the near term, such as early retirees needing to bridge the gap to other sources of retirement income, like Social Security.

“Today, many Americans are spending 20 to 30 years in retirement, increasing the importance of having a guaranteed income strategy that helps ensure retirement is enjoyed as intended, while also protecting against some of the financial uncertainties associated with longevity,” said Dan Herr, vice president of Annuity Product Management for Lincoln Financial Group. “The Lincoln Deferred Income Solutions Annuity is designed to be that income stream that has become increasingly rare in today’s retirement landscape. We continue to enhance our deferred income annuity to better arm advisors with a flexible, goals-based retirement income plan designed to adjust with their clients’ needs.”

Lincoln Deferred Income Solutions Annuity strengthens a client’s ability to plan for future income needs by allowing them to select when they begin receiving income payments. The exact amount of those payments is determined at the beginning of the contract and is adjusted with each additional premium payment made at least 13 months prior to the income start date, providing income transparency. Lincoln Deferred Income Solutions Annuity also offers optional death benefit protection during the deferral and income phases, providing a legacy for heirs.

Lincoln Deferred Income Solutions Annuity is part of Lincoln’s broad portfolio that offers solutions that help protect wealth due to a range of issues consumers face leading up to and during retirement. With Lincoln Deferred Income Solutions Annuity, a client has the flexibility to accelerate or delay the payment start date during the deferral phase of the contract should retirement plans change1. In addition, a client has the flexibility during the income phase to receive six months of payments all at once, which can help cover unexpected expenses such as medical costs when other sources of income have been exhausted.

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1. Not available with “Life Only” payment options, and subject to contract provisions


Lincoln Deferred Income SolutionSM Annuity (contract form 13-618S and state variations) is issued by The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, Fort Wayne, IN.

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