21 September 2021

Marcella Martinez, a retirement consultant at Lincoln Financial Group, immigrated from Colombia to the United States with her family at just 10 years old. Her parents worked extremely hard to ensure Martinez and her siblings had a quality education. Although she is now a proud U.S. citizen, Colombia remains in her heart and she often returns to visit family members.

“Returning to see family in Colombia feels like no time has elapsed,” said Martinez. “When I connect with my cousins and aunts, it feels as if I never left.”

She notes how important family is to Hispanic and Latino culture. One of Martinez’ favorite family traditions is celebrating holidays by cooking Paseo de Olla (pot gathering) near a local river. As a child, she enjoyed when her family gathered to cook Paseo de Olla, which consisted of a sancocho (beef or chicken soup) and vegetables such as potatoes, plantains or yuca. To Martinez, her heritage is not only where she comes from, but her family, experiences and traditions that have shaped her into the woman she is today.

Originally a Spanish teacher in South Chicago, Martinez relocated to North Carolina seeking a change of scenery and a step outside of her professional comfort zone. She decided to join Lincoln Financial Group in 2016 as a retirement consultant. Although she no longer works in a classroom setting, she still applies her passion for education by teaching retirement plan participants about how to enroll in their employer-sponsored plan and how to save for the retirement they envision.

Her ability to speak Spanish has been an asset in her career path and has helped her cultivate trust and understanding with her clients. Martinez works to ensure participants feel comfortable to make educated decisions about their retirement plans by communicating with them in a relatable way.

“I often encounter people who are hesitant when it comes to planning for retirement,” she said. “I try to empathize and connect with them by explaining how my parents did not have the opportunity to learn about retirement years ago. Once customers understand the importance of retirement and how the plan works, they feel more confident in making the decision that is best for them and their families.”

Martinez is also a member of Lincoln’s Latino Business Resource Group (BRG), whose members include employees from across Lincoln Financial who support Lincoln’s business and diversity objectives by identifying opportunities to enhance our brand and market and presence, workplace engagement and community reputation. 

“I enjoy our meetings and learning about each other and the company as a whole,” she said. “Volunteering with the Latino BRG has given me the opportunity to network with some amazing people and support the Latino community. Lincoln has always encouraged me to embrace my heritage and I appreciate that.”



Marcella Martinez is a registered representative of Lincoln Financial Advisors, broker-dealer (member FINRA, SIPC), a retail and financial planning affiliate of Lincoln Financial Group, 1301 S. Harrison St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802. LCN-3768181-091621 

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