The Big Picture Advisor Podcast Features Angie Ribuffo on How to Overcome Professional and Personal Obstacles

11 September 2020

Women account for just over half of the American population, and an increasingly large share of investable wealth, yet women financial advisors represent just 15% to 20% of all advisors[1] and only 23% of advisors with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation are women, according to the CFP board. The numbers for Black and Latino CFP holders are even lower. The question facing the industry remains: how do we move the dial and expand diversity in the financial services industry?

         Angela Ribuffo, RICP®, CFP®, ChFC®, CDFA®, CLTC®

Heather Wills, assistant vice president of national recruiting at Lincoln Financial Network, sat down with Angela “Angie” Ribuffo, president and financial advisor at Raion Financial Strategies, on The Big Picture Advisor podcast to explore this topic and share the professional as well as the personal obstacles Angie has faced as a biracial, African-American woman in the financial services industry.

In the podcast, Angie shares how she started her practice in a male-dominated profession amid the financial crisis, the importance of mentors and not going it alone, and what she views as the barriers to expanding diversity in the financial services industry.  

Angie reveals her passion and personal intention of helping other women become successful and build a thriving practice. In the podcast, she shares these tips for women when it comes to successfully navigating the financial services industry:

  • Find Your Tribe. Facing challenges is much easier when you have a team of people for help and support. Look for a group of women, such as WIFS or Lincoln’s WISE, that are facing similar challenges and can share their experience, best practices and technical expertise.
  • Set Your Intention. Intention determines the outcome of everything you do. It’s not enough to just have your intention in your head but you must say it, write it, put it out there in the universe so that people are aware and that it can resonate with them.
  • Be Your Authentic Self. Differentiate yourself by being YOU.  Don’t feel the need to conform and change your approach to fit the transactional nature of the business. Embracing your unique talents and ideas will help you stay true to your career vision and best serve your clients.

Listen to the full podcast below and visit The Big Picture Advisor Podcast for more episodes:

[1] Barron’s, Women Make Great Financial Advisors. So Why Aren’t There More?, June 8, 2019



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