Nancy Rogers, senior vice president, chief sustainability officer and Lucy Gase, senior vice president, Enterprise Services share their perspectives.

12 April 2022

We spoke with Nancy Rogers, SVP, Chief Sustainability Officer, about our recent Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index recognition, and Lucy Gase, SVP, Enterprise Services and Women’s Business Resource Group (BRG) Executive Sponsor, about our Business Resource Groups (BRRGs) and the impact they have at Lincoln.

Q: Nancy, Lincoln is committed to gender equality and transparency in reporting. Why is this important?

A: In the past year and a half, many companies – including Lincoln – have made strong public statements regarding their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We believe that being transparent, publicly, with our employee demographics is a strong retention and recruiting tool. Our transparency in reporting, and our strong data in the field of gender equality, helps women understand that they have the opportunity to grow their career here at Lincoln – with flexible benefits, professional development, and an inclusive environment that allow women to succeed professionally while still maintaining what’s important to them personally.

Q: Can you speak to how the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index recognition fits into our overall diversity, equity and inclusion strategy?

A: Diversity, equity and inclusion are intrinsic to our culture here at Lincoln. It is a leadership competency and expectation at Lincoln, and it continues to evolve. We’re incredibly proud of our longstanding commitment to gender equality, career advancement and creating an inclusive workplace. Internal hires are 70% female, promotions are 65% female and people managers are 51% female. We maintain a relentless focus on practices to support gender equality, including pay equity, executive development opportunities for women and women-specific resource groups for all employees, including specific networks for financial advisors. Lincoln’s inclusion in the index tells women who are considering Lincoln as a career destination what kind of career opportunities and support they can find at our company. Potential employees and investors are interested in companies that support and advance women and the Bloomberg GEI recognition is further validation of Lincoln’s strong commitment in this area.

Q: Lucy, you are an executive sponsor of one of Lincoln’s seven business resource groups (BRGs), the Women’s Business Resource Group (WBRG). Tell us about your role at Lincoln and with the WBRG.

A: I’ve been at Lincoln for my entire career, and over the years I’ve held several leadership positions in our distribution, operations and HR areas. Currently, I’m responsible for executive strategic leadership of Lincoln’s aviation, facilities, corporate real estate, business services, employee security and business resilience functions as well as procurement, corporate hospitality, and strategic programs. Additionally, I serve as one of the executive project leads on Lincoln’s future of work initiative. I also have the privilege of being an executive sponsor of Lincoln’s WBRG.

As an executive sponsor of the WBRG, my role is really an advisory one. I help guide our amazing, four co-chairs and local leaders who are actively involved in driving the grassroots effort across the enterprise and in their respective locations. I’m there for these strong leaders when they need strategic guidance or support. The WBRG makes a huge impact and I’m honored that I get to help contribute to their amazing successes.

Q: How does the WBRG help to enhance Lincoln’s gender equality strategy?

A: As Nancy mentioned, we’re incredibly proud of our commitment to gender equality and the number of females at Lincoln, both across the organization and in management positions. The WBRG has three key objectives for 2022—further increasing our membership to provide more support to our female employees, identifying and implementing actions that have a business impact in support of Lincoln, and giving back to our communities in whatever way we can, especially with organizations and on topics focused on women. The actions we take within the WBRG are aligned to our push for gender equality. We make sure women have the same opportunities as others, while also considering and supporting their unique needs.